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Eastwood Airline H78 Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar 2017 - Honeyburst w/Case

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Eastwood Airline H78 Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar 2017 - Honeyburst w/Case. It does have some light scuffs and scratches (pictured) Aside from that, It is in very good condition with some light signs of use (shallow surface scratches or smudges that don’t show up in pictures and can only be seen upon close inspection)

There's no signs of significant damages or evidence of repairs. Electronics function as they should.  There’s little to no fret wear. There are no buzzing or dead frets and the neck is straight. There is no cracking in the neck pockets or anywhere else on the guitar. All our instruments are guaranteed to arrive in the described condition or they are returnable.

The Airline H78 is our tribute to the early-60s Harmony model of the same name. In the 60s, the H78 was also sold under the Silvertone and Airline brand names through Sears and Montgomery Ward. The top of the Harmony line at the time, the H78 provided a Bigsby tailpiece and unique independent toggle switching for each of the three DeArmond gold foil pickups.

We’ve not only recreated but upgraded this beautiful mid-century design for the modern stage musician, adding a fully adjustable roller bridge, truss rod, and center block for maximum adjustability and feedback suppression. Our Valco Argyle gold foil pickups recreate the DeArmonds’ thick, rich tones that sound great at both crystal clear rolled-back volumes and when heavily driven.