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Guild Surfliner Electric Guitar - Catalina Blue

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Guild Surfliner Electric Guitar - Catalina Blue.  It's in great shape, showing only light signs of use and no significant damages or evidence of repairs.  

Let us know if you want to want to purchase a hard case or gigbag with this guitar. We've also got guitar stands, cables, straps, and more if you want to add them to your order. Shipping for any additional items will be free if we can throw them in the same box as the guitar.

Spic And Span Classic Motivated Electric Guitar With Offset Bid

Impacted by the notorious legacy and whimsical states of one of a kind Guilds, the all-new Guild Surfliner praises the brand genealogy by consolidating exemplary styling with current highlights in an offset, strong body electric. The Surfliner highlights a quick playing silk completed neck and a shine body.

Strong Poplar Body With Agreeable C Formed 25.5" Scale Maple Neck

Smooth, molded lines shape the uneven Poplar body, while a glossy silk completed C-formed neck gives smooth playing and material commonality. Uniformly adjusted and molded to fit serenely at any tie level. Highlighting a neck to body joint at the seventeenth fret.

Furnished With Three Expert Pickups In The Flexible Hss Design

One of Guild's couple of electric models to highlight a 25.5" scale length, the more drawn out string length matches pleasantly with three pickups that offer all that from ringing, spanky lead tones to thick, packed cadence. Exemplary, classic humbucking span tones overflow out of the Guild LB-1 extension pickup and bring a usable exhibit of tones from shimmering clean single loop esque beat to thick and warm humbucker sounds that stuff and sing when driven. Mixing impeccably with the gnawing single-curl tones of the two new Dearmond Aerosonic center and neck pickups.

Organization's Rocker Pickup Switching System Offers Simple Admittance To 7 Pickup Mixes

The Surfliner's sound is driven by the Guild Rocker Pickup Switching System, with ace volume, tone control, and 3 rocker switches. Every rocker switch is relegated to a solitary pickup permitting players to dial in a sum of 7 pickup mixes, each conceivable blend accessible from the three pickups. The LB-1 Bridge pickup is a diversion of one of a kind Guild Humbuckers from the 60's contribution a scope of tones appropriate for an assortment of playing styles and classes. The center and neck pickups are a matched arrangement of Dearmond Aerosonic center and neck single loop pickups. These pickups include Alnico V magnets and a protected nickel cover.

This guitar is refurbished.  This means it was either discontinued or rejected from the assembly line of the original manufacturer for a blemish, flaw or minor repair (described above). It was sent to the largest guitar refurbisher in the US where it was repaired, inspected and set up.   In the cases of a blemish or minor cosmetic issue, no work is done. They then remove the original serial number and issue it a new one to avoid false warranty claims.  It may be stamped “USED”.  This allows us to sell you a guitar that is in like new condition for well below the price of a brand new instrument. There is no manufacturer warranty. Here's some additional info from reverb and our refurbishing company: