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Right On Straps Seven Deadly Sins High Quality Vegan Guitar Strap Brand New

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  • Width: 2 3/8 '' - 6 cm
  • Color: Blue, Beige, Grey, Black
  • Instrument: Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass guitar, Electric guitar
  • Minimum Size: 39,37 in - 100 cm
  • Adjustable to: 59 in - 150 cm
  • Padding: Padding 5 mm

This strap represents the 7 deadly sins.

"A capital sin is that which has an excessively desirable end, so that in its desire, a man commits many sins, all of which are said to originate in that vice as their principal source. The capital sins or vices are those to which human nature is principally inclined". Thomas Aquino.

"The vices can be cataloged according to the virtues to which they are opposed, or they can also be referred to the capital sins which Christian experience has distinguished following St. John Cassian and St. Gregory the Great (Mor. 31, 45). They are called capital sins because they generate other sins, other vices. They are pride, avarice, envy, anger, lust, gluttony and sloth". Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 1866.

This strap was conceived, designed and made by the multidisciplinary artist Xenia Grey.

Pride, pride and haughtiness are deadly to our spirit. They harden our heart and lead us to become desensitized to what is true. They make us hypocrites who only seek outward beauty and the appearance of success. What may sound or seem beautiful or satisfying is nothing more than a mask, a lie behind which our ego hides.

Do not covet its beauty, nor let it captivate you with its eyelids.
For passion of the flesh, passion of the eyes, desire and impurity, arrogance and covetousness are idolatry, they do not come from the heart and lead to ruin and perdition.

It traps us with its claws, blinds reason and exhausts consciousness. It drags us into an endless void. Because the more we have - the more we want. And the more we have, the less it satisfies us. Because all the coveted fruits, all the exquisite and splendid things, the treasures with evil obtained, are never of benefit.

Because you don't want to hear, pronounce or see anything. Reality is indifferent to you, and you face it with negligence. You do not want to go deeper into knowledge or raise your spirit, you do not want to think and if you do not think - you subsist but if there is no movement - there is no life. And in this state you are consumed without purpose and waste what is left of your time.

Every day we buy each other and desire each other's goods, achievements, skills and abilities. We crave them with hate and irritation, we are consumed in the desire to be another, to have what he has, to know what he knows. In turn, our goods, achievements and skills, which we waste, are desired by someone else. And so we reflect on each other, forgetting what we are.

We eat food without being hungry, and drink excessively without feeling thirsty. We satisfy our palate with voracity and in an excessive way with the vice of flavors and delicacies. And we pay serious consequences of destroying our body and soul.

In moments of despair and fear, the passion of the soul awakens indignation and anger. The desire of revenge, fury and violence. This destructive force knows no limits and leads to comment actions with irreparable effects.

Now that you have some research and meaning of the symbolic detail within this strap,  what is your conclusion and if you are the musician that is calling all the magic powers from the spirits to be as one with you as you perform from the very depths of your soul, not afraid to go places beyond and out of your comfort zone, then this may be the strap you are looking for.

This strap could also be for the musician that loves to shock or loves to share interesting knowledge of unusual things, that makes us, as humans, curious and want to know more whether it scares us or entertains us or thrills us.

Well, this strap will definitely create a conversation and break the ice where ever you go, and who knows with so many symbolic details could possess the magic you are looking for as a creative musician.